Великие деятели культуры и их зависимости

26 Июнь, 2016

We admire the cultural heritage of previous generations. Their ability to look at the world from a special angle and express their views in creativity, be it a picture, prose, song or sculpture. Everyone chooses his own form for expressing feelings and everyone sees his meanings in a work of art. This is the greatness of culture.

We were interested in the question of what inspired writers and artists in the twentieth century. And we were surprised to find that for many, drugs became such an inspiration.

We bring to your attention interesting facts from the world of culture.

Bulgakov’s morphine dependence

The first one I want to mention, of course, is Mikhail Afanasevich Bulgakov. There is still controversy about his predilection for morphine. For the first time, Bulgakov used morphine not out of idle interest, but for pain relief. On the eve, he saved the little girl from certain death by having an emergency tracheotomy and removing diphtheria films from her throat. As a result of which he suffered himself and, experiencing terrible pains, decided to anesthetize himself with morphine. At the same time, the doctor did not believe in the possibility of addiction in a doctor, a person who understands the causes and consequences of the onset of diseases. But, nevertheless, dependence developed very quickly. The man has changed so much that with a weapon he demanded that his wife provide a dose for himself. Fortunately, Tasya, his wife, saved him. She began to dilute the dose, slowly reducing the concentration to zero.

Whether Bulagov received morphine while working on his famous novel Master and Margarita is still a mystery. Scientists examined the manuscript and found on the pages the remains of morphine molecules, which indirectly confirms the return of dependence on the great writer. Critics of this theory make statements that the residues of the substance could have been left on purpose when the manuscript was withdrawn from the author.

Silver Age Poets

After analyzing the works of the poets of the Silver Age, you notice the use of drug themes everywhere. Yesenin, Pasternak, Mayakovsky, Vertinsky - they all wrote about cocaine, its effects and the general atmosphere in a bohemian party. The memoirs of friends and relatives confirms the addiction of poets themselves to different types of drugs. Cocaine was closer to someone, and hashish to someone.

It helped creativity or hindered life, one can only guess.

After all, drugs can provoke a very fast fading of a person. Let’s look at the main levers of influence on the human body together.

Human effects of drugs

It is necessary to separate the psychological and physical dependencies. Since they are formed at different times and for each drug, the dependence threshold is also different.

The reason for the first use is most often interest, sometimes a desire to meet the society in which the person is.

If the use is accompanied by positive emotions, encouraging by friends - psychological dependence is formed very quickly. With potent drugs, psychological dependence may not even have time to form, and physical is already present. Thus, a person becomes a hostage to the situation. Bulgakov’s drug use at a young age is a prime example.

If you fear for your loved ones and suspect that there is a development of addiction, pay attention to the main symptoms of the initial stage

  • Sudden changes in behavior, absenteeism at school / university / at work
  • Increasing stealth, passive-aggressive behavior
  • A condition resembling alcohol intoxication, in which there is no smell of alcohol
  • Difficulties with concentration, carrying out routine duties
  • Missing valuables from home, asking for money
  • Presence of medications, syringes, ampoules of unknown origin. The patient hides their presence and refuses to explain the occurrence

All these criteria are indirect signs of addiction. Physical symptoms form later. Here is a list of the main options

  • The skin becomes grayish
  • Hair and nails fade
  • Appetite disappears
  • Accordingly, a person loses weight pretty quickly
  • When injecting drugs, you can find traces of injections along the veins

Most symptoms in themselves are not direct evidence of drug use, but if there are several signs, you should definitely consider this scenario.

Consider the signs of the effects of different types of drugs on the body.

Opiates. Narrow pupil, lethargy, drowsiness, inattention, lack of volitional component. In this state, a person easily agrees with everything, up to complete submission to commands.

Canabinoids. Dilated pupil, redness of the eyes, relaxed body. There may be excessively active, talkative behavior, or, on the contrary, secrecy and paranoia may manifest. Change in the perception of color, sound, shape of objects. Thirst and hunger.

Stimulants. Expanded pupil, active movement and talkativeness, lack of hunger and desire for sleep, as a result, sleep disturbance, the appearance of sexual emancipation

Hallucinogens. Dilated pupil, increased pressure and pulse, activity and change in perception of the environment. Confusion of the senses: when a person hears color and smells of sound. The same hallucination effect. Lack of coordination and sensation of the body.

Sedative. Impaired coordination, speech, disorientation, depression. It is important to distinguish between sedation and stroke in the patient!

As you can see, there are a lot of options for drugs and their effects on humans.

One can endlessly argue about the advantages and disadvantages of the influence of intoxicating substances on art, but it is important to remember personal responsibility and the importance of protecting oneself and loved ones from degradation, diseases of internal organs, and, as a result, death.

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